Mystique theme featured post problem

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    HI! I want to add a Featured post, like here: Can you help me? I tried everything but there`s no result. I am using the free theme for WordPress.

    The blog I need help with is



    Theme description
    Featured (“Sticky”) Post
    One featured post will show up in the header if the post is set as sticky, has a featured image attached, and the featured image is at least 940 pixels wide. If you have more than one post that meets these criteria the most recent post will be displayed.

    The featured post area will show in the header of every site page unless you expressly turn it off in Appearance → Theme Options; in that case it will only be displayed on the home page.



    I read in their (mystique developers?) homepage that you can do a featured post slider, but I can’t find it anywhere in the theme settings. Is it available for Or just



    The blog linked to your username is wearing Oxygen – not Mystique.

    Please read the theme description for the WordPress>COM versions of themes and follow the instructions provided:



    Oh, I have two blogs. The ‘Oxygen’ one is still in test mode. My other one that uses ‘Mystique’ is

    Sorry for not mentioning that earlier :)

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