Mystique Theme – google sharing button with other sharing options.

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    How do i add a google+ sharing button along with all other sharing buttons with my posts?


    The blog I need help with is



    You can add a number of different sharing buttons to your site by following these instructions from the Support site, which I found by searching for “Sharing”:

    But, you already have the share to Google+ button on your posts. Was there a problem?

    Again, not certain how this is connected to the theme you are using nor CSS Customization.


    @aimeebourke, were you wanting to put a g+ button at the top by the other icons at the menu bar? If so, we can try a trick. What you would have to do is to overlay a g+ icon into the original sprite image for the top social icons. I would overlay it on perhaps the YouTube icon and upload that new composite image to your media library and get the URL and post it here in this thread.

    You then go to Appearance > Theme Options and enter your g+ URL into the YouTube field and save.

    We can then give you the CSS to make that new g+ icon appear instead of the YouTube icon.



    Hi Rich! Are those “sharing” buttons? I always thought those were more “social media” buttons. Neat trick though. :)



    Yes that would be great! I’ll get right on it! :)


    @justjennifer, yes, they are social media buttons rather than sharing, but when I looked at the site, I wondered if that was what @aimeebourke was talking about.



    That looks fine to me, and I see you have the link set for your g+.

    Add the following to the bottom of your CSS to get the g+ icon to replace the YouTube.

    .social-icons .youtube {
        background: url("") no-repeat scroll -294px top rgba(0, 0, 0, 0) !important;


    Works like a charm! Thanks! :-D


    You are welcome.

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