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Mystique Theme Issue

  1. I'm using the Mystique theme for my blog, and just noticed that if you click the "Read the rest of this entry" the article appears, but the top half of the first line is cut off. However, if you link if through the article title, this issue does not arise. Any way to fix this? Thanks.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Did you split the text by inserting "the more tag"? If so then edit the post and remove it. See here please >

    Or did you post an excerpt into the excerpt box? If do then edit the post and remove it?

  3. When we insert "the more tag" we pick and choose where to put it so perhaps you can correct this by editing the post and moving "the more tag". Have you tried that?

  4. I've been inserting "the more tag" and haven't noticed this issue until recently switching to the Mystique theme. Considering this problem occurs with every post (where "the more tag" is inserted at various points) it leads me to believe it is unique to this theme.

  5. I'll flag this thread so it gets moved to the themes forum and Themes Staff reply to you.

  6. Thanks very much for you help. Sorry if this was tagged improperly, first time posting in the forums. Thanks again.

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