Mystique theme issue – How to hide the title but keep the tagline?

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    Hi all,

    I couldn’t seem to find anything about this in the discussions about Mystique. I want to display my tagline in the header but hide the title so that it only displays on the title bar (right now it’s already embedded within my custom header image). At the moment it seems the only options are to either hide both or display both. Is there any way to choose between either, or do I need to also embed my tagline within my custom header image?


    The blog I need help with is


    It would require the CSS upgrade and some CSS editing experience.


    I would rather recommend to embed the tagline into the Custom Header image rather than upgrading to CSS for this. Im saying it because you’re already loading a header so incorporate everything in the image. Makes bytes of difference to the page weight. Nothing else :)

    Or wait! I think you already figured something out. Your blog now shows the tagline but no Title page. :)




    If you remove the blog title and tagline from here > Settings > General then the search spiders will not locate them and index. If you include a tagline on your header image then do know that spiders cannot “read” it and index.


    @truthwhispers, search engines cannot read content in images, so the tagline and title would be lost on them, and if you delete the tagline and title at settings > general it will adversely affect your search engine ranking. Search engines want to see at the very least a title for a site, and really like to see a tagline as well. If they are in an image, the search engines cannot read them.

    If someone wants to hide a title and tagline, and the theme does not support hiding them through at appearance > header (some allow you to turn the text display off) it is better to do it with CSS. That keeps the title and tagline in the XHTML, but hides it from display to visitors.



    As the acredpath pointed out CSS upgrade and some CSS editing experience will be required if you wish to accomplish what you stated above. If you are looking for advice on taglines please note what thesacredpath and I have posted regarding searchability and indexing and then consult this post. >


    @thesacredpath: That is very correct. If the theme reuben uses does not allow a display off from Appearance section, it might hinder Search spiders doing their job. By saying embedding the tagline into the Header, I never meant doing it at the peril of having no other page title for search engines to find. Title and taglines at General settings is a must!



    Although I highly recommend going for a CSS upgrade for an appropriate way to solve things, there is another thing that you can do. But its still, a kind of a compensation.

    I see that Mystique theme that you’re using doesnt have any shadows/stroke around their Titles or Taglines. If you could tweak the header a little bit to blend in the colors of the Text of the Tagline (and you like it at the end), Search engines would still be able to index it and you will not see it.


    Yeah and right now @ruben has the title deleted at settings > general. The CSS upgrade with Mystique is the way to go really.

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