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    I have three questions regarding the Mystique theme. I am helping a friend set up his gym’s website. The address is

    First, Can the buttons destined to direct people to Facebook and Twitter pages on the top right be changed to other social networks or websites other than the ones available in the theme (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, RSS)?

    Second, Can the transitions between pages be changed to be different from the normal transitions. For example, a fade or a dissolve? I know this is not a theme based issue, so I guess the questions is Does WordPress support different transitions?

    Third, Is it possible to load a header without a WHITE background so that the logo appears to be floating on the background of the site?

    Thanks a lot!

    The blog I need help with is



    1. No, but you can certainly add those other social networks via image or text widgets.
    2. No.
    3. A transparent header image? Use a transparent GIF or PNG file and make sure it is the exact same dimensions as the Mystique header. (see grey box at the very end)



    I created an image and copied and pasted the URL along with the code on the CSS style sheet. The result was an empty space where the new image had to appear, but when I passed the mouse over that empty space, it did show that if I clicked there, it would direct me to the URL I had entered and linked to the image. So the issue is, I guess, with making the image appear in the place of one of the pre-determined TWITTER, FACEBOOK, FLICKR or RSS buttons.

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