n00b question: are these comments spam?

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    I’m new to blogging so please bear with me. Several comments have been marked as spam and are awaiting my approval/deletion. I’m looking at them and I can’t tell if they’re from spammers or real people. Perhaps someone can enlighten me? What signs should I look for to weed out spammers?
    Here are the pending comments:

    Author: Glycleuploapy
    Comment: Hullo, ive been hanging around this site for awhile. Needed to say hi to everyone.

    Author: Glycleuploapy
    Comment: hello; i have been perusing the forum for a while. I wanted to say how much i enjoy visiting

    Author: AndrewMcFaul
    Comment: New here. Wanted to say hello.
    Andrew McFaul
    Andrew McFaul

    Author: twockin
    Comment: Cannot Find Track…Help please

    Author: John-Musca
    Comment: Hello,
    Need help resetting my password.
    Thank you,
    John Musca
    John Musca

    The blog I need help with is thoseonboard.wordpress.com.



    Yes, they’re spam.

    Eliminating spam is good SEO

    The first sign you should look for is: if Akismet flags something as spam, there’s probably a good reason.



    That Akismet article was helpful. Thanks.

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