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name for blog

  1. i want a name for my blog but i can't find. my blog is about football and i want to discuss about the football. i want a good name but i can't find. has anybody an idea for the name?

  2. Football as in Football from your area or football as in American Football?

  3. I am writing for the soccer. The football that is being played in Mundial.

  4. The Goalie Post
    It's Soccer to you bloody Yanks
    I went to the fights and a soccer/football match broke out
    The Red Card
    Offside Thoughts
    Views from the Corner Kicks

    I've never been good with coming up with names. My ex and I named most of our cats after cartton characters.

  5. thanks

  6. I'm sure someone else will come up with a suggestion or two.

  7. You can tailor your blog to dyslexic soccer fans and call it Manchester Untied.

  8. renalfailure: cute. ;) arsenal / chelsea / liverpool fan?

  9. Ball Tossers? o_O

  10. manchester fun of course

  11. I like Manchester Untied myself. If nothing else, it'll be good for some laughs once the lager starts flowing.

  12. What's the name of that Saturday Night Live skit?...

  13. Personally, I quite liked drmike's 'Offside Thoughts' suggestion.

  14. Sulz... Not really a soccer fan, I just know a couple teams. Kind of like how people who know nothing about baseball know who the New York Yankees are. Plus I didn't have a joke ready for Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, or Real Madrid.

    DrMike... I think the skit you're thinking of is Scottish Soccer Hooligan Weekly.

  15. @renal, that's the one. Thanks

    Plus I didn't have a joke ready for Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool, or Real Madrid.

    Arsenal Hall
    Chelsea Clinton
    No peeing in the Liverpool
    Real Madrid? *scoff* Real Likely...

  16. Madrid? ORLY?
    "The Beckham-Free Zone"
    Pele and Eat

  17. Kick in the balls

  18. Fouled in the Box
    I put the "Ho" in Hooligan
    Meal Radrid

  19. The view from the goal
    Bangs against the goal post
    The Pitch
    stoppage time
    Throw In
    penalty Shot

  20. you guys are really on a roll huh? =P you almost sound like footie fans.

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