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Name of Images

  1. Hello everybody!
    I experienced a strange thing after the new version released.

    The Images lost the feature to show a short description or name when scrolled over. At the old posts it is all right. Where should I input the describing words about the image? Without that the pictures are just half that interesting to publish.

    Thanx for help.

  2. That information goes in Caption, and many people have reported that it's not visible as mouseover in Firefox, but works in Safari and IE.

  3. I'm not seeing it in Safari. I just tried a test post.

  4. Hmm, someone said they could see it there. I might be mistaken, but I'm 90% sure it was Safari. Maybe it was Opera instead.

  5. The whole image thing still seems to have the sniffles, but it is far better.

  6. Yeah, I have found some descussions here in the forum but is there a chance for an official statement from It worked so why not now?

  7. I doubt there will be an official statement from What could they say? "On behalf of Automattic, we would like to say it's broken." I'm sure they're working on a fix for it, but who knows how long it'll be.

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