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    The title of this post basically says it. If a commentor’s name is too long it gets hidden under the comment box. Does anyone know the CSS code to fix this?

    The blog I need help with is


    Since the username has no spaces in it, the software doesn’t know where to make a line break.

    About all you could do is to make the comment itself narrower, but then if someone comes along with an even longer username, it will still be a problem. You would also have to make the div for the username wider as well



    Thanks for your help. Is there a way to put the username inside the comment box? Then this won’t really be an issue.


    I was thinking of some options, and the gravatar could be moved to the left and then the username put to the right of it and then the grey comment content area could be moved down. I’ll tell you what, give me about half hour to play around with it and I’ll post some code you can try. What you are going to want to do after adding it to your CSS is to visit several posts with varying numbers of comments and hopefully with some threaded comments to make sure that nothing strange happens.



    Thanks, I appreciate it.


    Sorry it took so long, the roofer showed up to repair the gutters.

    I think I got all this in, add it to the bottom of your CSS and see what it does (that way it is easy to remove if you have to.

    .comment .info {float:right;width:520px; }
    .comment .pic {float:left;margin-top:0; }
    .comment .name {width:100px;position:relative;top:-40px;left:70px;overflow:visible; }

    Again, test everything out with different comment arrangements to make sure everything stays where it should.


    The other choice would be to simply make the comment box narrower and widen the name, but this way the name can expand as needed since I’ve done the overflow:visible on it.



    Cool, thanks agian for your help.


    You’re welcome, and make sure and let us know if there are any peculiarities that show up.

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