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    Hi all, on Satuday I set up custom DNS records for my domain. I have a google apps account, and this is where my mail is hosted. I am getting my emails with no problems, but my domain is not resolving to my new blog, just sending browsers to my domain registration company’s site (GoDaddy).

    I haven’t set up the name servers as NS1.WORDPRESS.COM and NS2.WORDPRESS.COM as I’m not sure what the implications are for my mail. I don’t want to stop receiving my emails. Currently my nameservers are set to NS19.DOMAINCONTROL.COM and NS20.DOMAINCONTROL.COM. Is it safe to change these to to the wordpress ones, without losing my emails?

    My Custom DNS settings are as follows:

    I have read through the support pages for Google Apps in WordPress’s support sections, but cannot really find too much help.

    I also sent this request through to WordPress support on Saturday but as yet have not received a response.

    Any help greatly appreciated!

    Kind regards,

    The blog I need help with is




    I have flagged this thread for Staff attention. Please be patient while waiting for a response.

    Note: Staff provide support for 31 million. When we create a support ticket by contacting Staff it’s important to understand they have a backlog. They deal with the support tickets with the earliest dates first. So if we contact them more than once of the same issue the date moves forward and it takes longer to get help.



    Thanks timetheif – I was really posting this question due to the support team being so busy, so was hoping someone else might have been able to answer it for me – as I’d like to get my site back up and running, as it’s currently been down since last Friday :-)



    Per the guide at you’ll need to point the nameservers to us.

    Then, you can start with at step 7.

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