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Name unvaliable

  1. Dear support member: I want to create a new blog with the address: but apparently the name is taken. I tried to search the blog and, as you can see, it is no longer available. Why I can't use the address? Thanks! Hector C. Aspano

  2. WordPress does not recycle blog names.

    Try a variation of the name. Add a number before or after, change a letter to a number, or something like that.

    Or buy a domain mapping upgrade:

  3. Dear 1tess: Thanks for your fast reply! I'm a little bit sad because I wanted to create my professional blog with WordPress so I can't use numbers or funny names. I'm afraid that I will to find another blog company. Thanks for your time! Hector C. Aspano

  4. I'm afraid that I will to find another blog company.

    Why do that when your company can purchase a domain name?

  5. Dear timethief: I'm not a company but your solution is very welcome. I want to start a project with minimum cost but I will reconsider it. Thanks so much!

  6. You're welcome and best wishes.

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