Nameserver change instructions out of date?

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    I replied to another recent post with the same issue (and I posted a private support request several days ago and haven’t gotten a response yet)

    I have domain registered with and need to change the nameservers (point the domain to another host). I am unable to follow the instructions:
    -When I go to Store I see “My Domains” not “Domains” and there is no section called Domain Administration.
    -There is a Manage Domain Subscriptions and Edit DNS but neither take me to what the support doc shows in the screen shots
    -When I click on Manage Domain Subscriptions I can select “Transfer to another site” but that only allows me to select another blog.

    How do I change the nameservers???



    Sorry to hear that you’ve been having problems with this.

    I can see that you currently have the domain mapped to your blog.

    Whilst the domain’s nameservers are pointing towards currently, the domain itself is registered elsewhere. From the public WHOIS info, this appears to be Here is the link to that page:

    You can only manage the DNS for domains that are registered here with, which is why you’re not seeing the Domain Administrations page! Instead, you should login to your control panel at to update the nameservers.

    Hope this helps!

    Let me know if you have any other questions.




    Sorry – totally forgot to include this part – that’s not the domain I’m talking about. I’m posting on behalf of another user who owns the domain through The blog is The issues I’m experiencing are when I’m logged in as her. The instructions for do not match what I’m seeing in the admin. needs to point to another host and I’m not seeing how to change the nameservers. I see a few other posts in the forum like mine – that the instructions don’t reflect what you see in the admin. Here’s another one



    Okay! That makes more sense :)

    If you go to Store > My Domains in the dashboard of the site that has the domain attached, then you’ll get the following screen:

    You’re right in saying that this is incorrectly listed as ‘Domains’ in the Support documentation, so I have corrected that just now – thanks for the heads up. The rest of the instructions should still apply though.

    Be sure to select the domain you want to manage, and then click on the dropdown box. Select ‘Make changes to DNS’, and you will see the password box appear. Follow the instructions to login, and then you can then update the nameservers accordingly.

    For reference, here’s the page with the full details:

    Hope this clears things up! Let me know if you have any other questions.



    Well, I guess I’m going crazy or something changed just today (or I inadvertently did something else…). I have been trying to figure this out for a week now (posted a couple private help requests with no response). Until today I did not see that screen, did not have the “Domain Administration” option. The only option I had when I clicked my domains (when signed in as her) was to edit the DNS- a big blank box and something about a verification code and a google app. This is the first time I’ve seen the dropdown options. Should have taken a screen shot… Thanks for your help.



    I’m glad everything’s working now! Give me a shout if you run into any hassles with this.


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