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    Allo all,

    After reading almost everything on the siten, I am still confused by the mapping process. 2 key questions:

    For domain mapping, WordPress requires to change the nameservers of the registrar to 3 names (,,, but my regristrar allows me to put only one nameserver. Can I take only one of the 3? More generally, can my domain point toward 3 URLS?

    Also, wordpress requires to delete all other nameserver, but I cannot delete the registrar Domain Nameserver. Same questions…. What can I do?

    Thanks a lot for your help



    Support will be closing in 1/2 hour so I would like to suggest that you use this link now to contact staff



    I left a post to contact-support, but do no have any reply yet…



    You registrar can stay the same as wordpress doesn’t need to administrate the blog for this to work. What registrar are you using? I haven’t come across any that don’t have the ability to add in at least 2 nameservers. As well, it will be a great place to start in asking your registrar as well about this. Tell them the domain is hosted with and you need the nameservers to point to only their servers. I don’t have any of my domains under admin, but they almost all point to, so it will be a simple discussion with your registrar to fix this I think!




    Thanks for your answer. The registrar is calles European Domain Centre. It allows one to point to one adress (or IP) for each of the line bellow:
    Name Server
    Mail Exchanger
    Web Alias
    Web forwarding



    Oups… I sent only half the post.

    So here come the questions: Do I need to point to each 3 wordpress names (,, or are they all the same servers?
    In any case, which of the registrar (see previous post) should I change?… and to which of the 3 names?

    Difficult to get in touch with the registrar so thanks a lot for your help on all those matters


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