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    Hi. I wish to change the nameservers for one of my domains, as I am moving to a new host.

    Following the support documentation: and does not appear to work.

    There is no longer an ‘Upgrades’ link in my dashboard. And the ‘Domains’ link under ‘Store’ and ‘Settings’ does not appear to allow nameserver changes, only MX records et al.

    Please – where do I change the nameservers?

    The blog I need help with is



    Hi. What is the domain name you are trying to map?


    Hi – not sure what the relevance is of which domain name it is –

    The options to change domain nameservers do not seem to exist in the dashboard, and the links referred to in the support documentation also do not exist.



    I wanted to double-check that the domain name was indeed registered through Automattic (, and I see that it is.

    Perhaps the instructions you saw are out of date. I tagged this thread for staff’s attention so that they can confirm what instructions you need to follow to change the nameservers.


    The menu link has changed from ‘Upgrades’ to ‘Store’. Sorry for any confusion that caused. I’ve updated the documentation.

    Also, keep in mind that you must log in as the same username that was used to purchase the domain in order to see the domain management login option. bravoecholima is not the owner of, so make sure you log in with the correct account.

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