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    I recently purchased a new domain, and I accidently inserted the nameservers of the hosting company for this new domain into an existing domain I have registered with GoDaddy and mapped to an existing wordpress blog I have with wordpress. I have reinserted the correct nameserver information into my GoDaddy account for the existing website (, however, there has yet to be a change. That being said, I only did change around 4 hrs ago.

    Do I just have to wait longer? Or is there another step I’m missing to fix this issue?


    The blog I need help with is



    Chances are that you just need to wait a bit longer. As you note, domain changes can take a little while to show up. If your GoDaddy control panel is now displaying the correct DNS entries for the domain, you should be all set, with a waiting game ahead of you. If you’ve verified that GoDaddy has the correct info and the DNS hasn’t fixed itself within 24 hours, please follow up with GoDaddy and back here if you’d like further help checking into the matter.



    Looks like it may have been propagation. When going to I get your WordPress site. If you are still experiencing any issues please contact Support and they will investigate this for you: ^Colby Go Daddy Social Media Team

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