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Name/URL change = Lost followers / Hits - Where are they? How do they return?

  1. runningfrommyheart

    I changed my blog name and url. I originally had over 610 followers within weeks. Then I changed the name and url. I still had them and it showed on my page all the followers and hits. Then I changed my name back to the original name and url that took quite a bit of work to do. Now, I cannot see how many hits, and it doesn't appear that I have the 610 followers. Could you please tell me step by step what happened, where my followers are, how to get them back?
    Blog url:

  2. Did you change your blog URL ie. blog address by using this guide?

  3. Hey there,

    It looks like you've created several copies of your blog., one of these copies, is currently home to all of your followers.

    If you let me know which copy of the blog you'd like to be your primary copy, we can look into getting everything transferred to it.


  4. runningfrommyheart

    Hi Pcrumm,

    Thank you so much. Yes, it was quite confusing getting the url back and name and so I am really not sure at all all the steps I followed to get back to it.

    I would like to keep:

    as the URL and blog name. It was the original one that I had the 600+ followers and 2200 hits.

    I also actively keep .

    Let me know what happens next.
    Thanks again,

  5. Hey there,

    I've transferred all of the followers attached to to Note this this transferred only followers--the vast majority of your followers are via Facebook; you'll need to re-connect your new blog with Facebook via Publicize for those followers to be attached.

    Once you've done that, you can head to the My Blogs tab in the dashboard and delete any blogs that are associated with your account that you no longer want.


  6. runningfrommyheart

    Hi P,

    Thank you so much for whatever you did. However, I am not sure what you mean. There is now only 1 follower. I had over 610. What do you mean they were followers via facebook?

    What steps so I do to publicize?


  7. Kate,

    Your previous blog is linked to a Facebook page--this is where most (600+) of your followers originated. You will need to associate your new blog with that same Facebook account to retain those followers--you can do that by following the Publicize steps in the guide linked to above.


  8. runningfrommyheart

    Hi P,

    I am back working on my blog. I wonder if you or someone else could please help me again.

    I currently own the wordpress url "runningfrommyheart". I changed the name and url to "shiftstorm". I want to change them back to have the url address "runningfrommyheart" and the same blog title name.

    I have 600+ followers to the "shiftstorm" url address. How do I keep the runningfrommyheart blog AND these existing followers/hits, but just change the url address back to runningfrommyheart.

    I have tried several things, and am totally confused now.

    Please advise, asap,

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