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Naming category pages.

  1. Categories question.

    I am going to link the pages for one of each categories 'Pubs', 'Trips' 'Beers' ect so when you click the linked image it takes you to the category page for the relevant category.

    My question is, can you have a different/additional header or header text for these pages, so rather than the main blog heading, it would say PUBS on the pub category, TRIPS on the trip one and so on.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. These dynamically created pages (archive, category, tag, author) are not editable, even with the Custom Design upgrade, because we cannot edit our theme's underlying PHP or HTML files on

    Here's a category page from your site, which is using the Suburbia theme, As you can see, it already has the category title in the header as, Category Archives: Pubs. Using CSS with the Custom Design upgrade, you can hide the title, but not change it.

  3. Thankyou very much for confirming that.

    I assume ALL I can do with that title is hide it? Or can it be manipulated, as I am not happy with how it looks by default

  4. Since it's hardcoded into the template, you can't do anything but hide it and that will required the annually renewable Custom Design upgrade at that.

    You can, of course, live preview your content in other themes to see if one displays the category pages more to your liking. But, of course, you still won't be able to edit the template.

  5. Ah ok brilliant thankyou very much! I plan to get the upgrade, but just wanted to see what I could do first. I may have a play with other themes first, although its a shame as the one I'm using Is the best I've come across for us so far.

  6. You're welcome and best wishes for your site.

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