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Naming issue: "Reserved" message!

  1. I want my blog to be "" instead of ""...The first version contains a hyphen, which is how my website is named ( However, when I try to change this, I receive a message saying the desired name has been reserved. BUT, I believe I am the one who reserved it! My guess is that I have two accounts - can you help? Sorry for being so lost! Andrea Edmundson
    Blog url:

  2. when a username account is created the blog with the matching name is reserved. It's only possible to get a reserved blog if you registered the matching username. Not to worry as I have flagged this thread for Staff attention. Please be patient while waiting for them to sort this for you.

  3. Help is appreciated! I know this process is supposed to be simple, but I got lost pretty quickly. Regards, Andrea

  4. That isn't actually reserved, is an active blog registered to your account.

  5. Please read my posting more carefully.

    ***I want the version with the hyphen in it:***

    When I built the other one (listed above), that's what I thought I was using. I want the one with the hyphen so it matches my website. I would then, if possible, move what I have over to the correct version of the blog name. If not possible, I'll just start over (and delete the one without the hyphen).


  6. We can only allow letter and numbers in the blog names.

  7. Wow, really! :-D
    Well, I guess I'll stop fighting this battle then! Thanks for the info. Andrea

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