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Naming my links

  1. I'm pretty sure I understand how to link to another site or place a link in my post but how do I make the link appear as something else? For example, say I place a link to in my post but I want it to appear as say a bullet and "click here". How would I go about doing this?


  2. <a href="">click here</a>

    You mean like that?


    <ul><br /> <li><br /> <a href="">click here</a><br /> </li><br /> </ul>

  3. I mean like the 2nd one. Also, what if I wanted to bullet to be an active part of the link?

  4. <ul><br /> <li><br /> <a href="">• click here</a><br /> </li><br /> </ul>

  5. <ul><br /> <li style="none"><br /> <a href="">• click here</a><br /> </li><br /> </ul>

  6. Bah - the forum is breaking it. Which means a blog will.

    You would declare no style for the list element and then include a bullet in the link.

  7. So........

    ♥ click here
    ◊ click here
    → click here
    ♣ click here
    ♦ click here
    · click here
    × click here
    Θ click here
    Ξ click here
    ∞ click here

    <a href="">♥ click here</a><br /> <a href="">◊ click here</a><br /> <a href="">→ click here</a><br /> <a href="">♣ click here</a><br /> <a href="">♦ click here</a><br /> <a href="">· click here</a><br /> <a href="">× click here</a><br /> <a href="">Θ click here</a><br /> <a href="">Ξ click here</a><br /> <a href="">∞ click here</a>

  8. Podz, I'm having the same problem. Pasted the code you provided onto my post and put in the site I want to link to but all the code still shows up in the post. I am going mad here. It seems unnecessarily complicated. I'll leave what I've done on my site and maybe someone can figure out what I'm doing wrong.

  9. Are you using the Rich Text Editor because the code in your blog post should go through. But you don't have to do your links by code. When you are typing up your posts, click where it says Link and this box shows up. Cut and paste the url link there, click OK, then click Link again so the tag closes = /link

  10. well, I've been playing around for ages and no luck. I can link ok, but I just can not name it. See my site now, I have linked to the band I want to link to but when I type in what I want the link to be called it just doesn't happen. Is there a theme-specific fault here do you think? Don't want to go back to blogger but I'm just stumped here.

  11. I've figured it out! I was, as usual, just being a bit dense! Thanks for the help. Basically I wasn't reading the instructions carefully enough!! Ta.

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