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Naming techniques for blogs

  1. Hi there,

    Several months ago, I was going to create a music blog, but my inspiration ran flat. However, I recently wrote a guest article on another blog, and the owner praised the piece a lot and offered my a full time position as a journalist there (not paid, as it's just an amateur thing). Anyway, his praise has inspired me again, and I have decided I will in fact create a blog. I have actually created one, but it only has one post, and I don't like the name, so I want to change before I get any sort of following. Currently, it is called (which I don't like).

    Now, the main theme of my blog would be plugging relatively undiscovered bands I like, and need a little promotion, but i'll also be doing other things (album reviews, general opinions, "beginner guides", interviews, etc). What sort of approach should I take when naming my blog?

    names I thought of last time (and liked) were; "The Sound of Muzak" (a porcupine tree reference)
    and "Between the Headphones" (which I REALLY like as a name, but someone already has a blogger blog called this, so I'm in two minds about it)....

    Thanks in advance (name suggestions are welcome)

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Other ideas;

    The perfect soundwave
    Surfing on soundwaves/The soundwave surf
    Soundwave avenger

    It's pretty obvious that once I think of something, my creativity stops...

  3. "The Sound of Muzak" sounds like a blog about elevator music (not that I wouldn't like it) :-P

  4. Hidden Sounds?
    Sound Finds?

  5. Ha, well there will probably be some elevator music on there, albeit in small amounts!

    "Hidden sounds"... that sounds okay...

  6. Why not something like "note plug?" You could show a music note going into an electric socket or something. No, not interested? Oh well, I tried.

  7. PLease accpet this comment in the spirit it is meant. The WORST place ever to discuss potential domain and subdomain names is on public forums like this one. Why? Because there are those who will simply register them before you do.

    In the case of domain names there are domain name squatters. What they do is buy the domain name and then resell it for a profit. This is why I suggest that you do this brainstorming in a private place.

  8. Yes, which is why, I guess, I was asking for techniques...

  9. Also,
    "and "Between the Headphones" (which I REALLY like as a name, but someone already has a blogger blog called this, so I'm in two minds about it)...."
    Is it a bad idea to have a similar name to another blog?

  10. Also, how important is a name? Does it need to relate to the topic? Or should it just sound cool? If so, I know lots of songs with great sounding song names that could work, if it doesn't need to relate to the topic...

  11. choose a couple of words from a song you like??

  12. There are a number of ways you could go with regard to naming your blog.

    The advice that's coming to mind right now seems to be wanting to say that the name of your blog should be something that gets you excited. Something that makes you gleeful and happy. This energy that is invoked from you will be evident in the writing you do for your blog and will help to draw in the readers that you want to have for your blog. If "Between the Headphones" is something that gets you excited about writing (or blogging, I should say), then use it.

    Not that it needs to take you a long time to start blogging, but as a reference, it took me a month between the time I decided that I was going to create a blog and when I came up with "Imagine Into Being."

    With Love and Gratitude,

    The Intentional Sage

  13. Yeah, I wrote a massive list of song titles I liked last night... I might get a friend, throw them at him/her (rather than you guys, as i'm sure you'd rather I didn't) and see what sticks.

  14. Here's a name idea "Sounds Of Inspiration"

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