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Naming your blog after yourself

  1. What do people think about this? Unimaginative? Professional?

    In my case, it's just a personal blog where I write about culture, society, things like that. It's definitely a "serious" blog, but it doesn't have one set subject (thus making it hard to name) and isn't purely for the purpose of helping me get internships or anything like that.

    The blog I need help with is

  2. If it's a personal blog, why would you name it after anything but the person writing it?

  3. Sounds a bit like my blog. I didn't want it to be a personal blog but still included some subtile and personal thoughts on cultural identity and society perceptions. I didn't name it after myself though. I chose my favorite flower (hibiscus) and my favorite color (jaune = yellow) instead. It is very personal to me but to others, it's just a "brand name".

    Actually, it doesn't matter if it's your personal name or any other name. What truly matters is being consistent with your branding. If you give it your name, it has to be consistent. If you choose another name, this choice should reflect in your articles, design, comments, etc...

  4. Sondosia - I just looked at your blog and I thought it was called Brute Reason - that's a massive heading for a quote! If your blog is called sondosia then that is fine in my opinion. At least it's an unusual name.

  5. then again her url is: miriam mogilevsky. So i'm guessing that will be your title?

  6. @stewiejt--Brute Reason IS the title. I would just prefer something more descriptive. Calling a blog sondosia, which is just my username and nothing more, wouldn't be any better in my opinion.

  7. dribblingpensioner

    Brute Person look's fine in your blog

  8. I like Brute Reason, given the source of the title!

    It is probably fairly unique (although I haven't googled to confirm) and that is a good thing.

  9. @sondosia
    When creating a new blog I always recommend the blogger takes the time to consider exactly what the purpose is for creating a new blog is and how they will use “branding tools. Wherever possible, your blog’s URL, blog title and tagline ought to contain keywords (primary subject matter, products and/or services) that define your intended brand.
    See >
    See also >

  10. dribblingpensioner

    @TT, as usual your a treasure, my score was 13.4 : ( i guess that's low.

  11. dribblingpensioner

    in the Keyword Density Analyzer that is.

  12. @sondosia - take Timethief's advice, not mine! I guess I just like quirky titles. :)

  13. @teamoyeniyi
    Your opinion is a valid one. :)

    I'm simply posting some basics that I think some may benefit from reading. Most bloggers who have non-monetized blogs in the personal blogs niche don't know these things and many don't care even when they do hear about them. That's okay with me. I simply wanted to share the information.
    (1) A blog title and tagline can be changed at any time and can become more effective for branding purposes if we make that choice.
    (2) Those who have not previously purchased a URL can buy one and domain mapping to it and then have a URL that communicates their branding at anytime as well.

  14. Nerts! "purchased a URL" was meant to be "purchase a domain name"

  15. @TT - does changing the title and tagline affect indexing and so on my search engines?

    Making as published post private results in crawl errors, for instance, which I am living with at the moment because the posts will become public again.

    I have thought my title and tagline may need to change after my family come home.

  16. Yes it will have a minor effect on keywords but your blog is new and there is much to be gained by doing (1) and (2).

  17. I'm in a sticky situation. On one hand, moms are my audience but i want a specific kind of mom. Not the parenting tips, giveaways, and product endorsement kind you see in Mommy Blogger communities. I want people (not necessarily moms) who want to talk about other things (music, books, etc.) but don't mind the occasional mommy rant. According to Quantcast, a majority of my readers don't have children.

    What do I do with that?

  18. I think it is okay to use your name. It is the quality of the content and motivation for advertising your blog that counts. I know several very successful bloggers that just used their name and they dont have a personal blog either.Their blogs are used for business! One person I like to check out is Steve and are both informational blogs named by the person who writes them.I also named mine after my name but only because I could not think of a name for it that wasnt already taken! I wanted my blog to help people make it through difficult situations. I wanted the name to be transformed. Simple yet definitive.That name was taken and I couldn't think of anything else-so I just named it Charityjh.:)

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