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    I know it’s early, but has there been any thought of creating a word-count or progress meter widget for NaNoWriMo writers who plan to use WP to host their work?

    Just a thought…



    What is this widget for? Specifically what does it do? How would it benefit the majority of users? Where is the link to the widget so we can determine useful information about it, please?

    I’m also not clear what you mean by “host their work” either. Bloggers who have wordpress blogs downloaded to their own servers or through web hosts need to be over here

    I found the link
    This widget cannot be used at If you want to have it you must go here



    No, he’s talking about a progress meter for how far along in your novel you are. NaNoWriMo is National Novel Writing Month. And what he means by “hosting” is that the novelists would write their novels in a WordPress blog, so people could see the work as it develops.

    It would be an interesting add, but I don’t know how it would work. You’d have to estimate how far along you were and input that manually, I think. Or it could work by word count automatically. That would be a bit trickier to program, but it could be done and it’s far more impartial.


    Thanks raincoaster, for clarifying for me.

    Seeing as other blog service providers (no names mentioned) have promoted themselves as being the “perfect” place to post your online novel for November’s yearly challenge — I thought it might in WPs interest to think of ways to draw some of that crowd by providing tools for the participants. Last year there was nearly 60,000 participants world-wide, many with their own blogs dedicated for the event.

    I was not looking for a specific widget, TimeThief, I was merely suggesting it as a possible widget of interest (to be created). A feature suggestion. I understand that it doesn’t benefit the majority of users. But, it could make more appealing to participants and shouldn’t be that hard to create (if, for instance, there was a field that allowed you to enter in a word goal and words written).



    It could also come in handy during the Three Day Novel Writing Contest, which is coming up on the Labour Day long weekend. So it would be popular at least twice a year, as well as having ongoing attractions to all would-be novelists. We’re obsessive about checking our word counts!



    Wow I’m surprised to hear the wordprocessing programs you write in don’t have a word count function. Mine certainly do. I write off-line and upload the finished product to my blog. That way I have always have a back-up and I’m not incurring the expense of being on-line uneccesarily.

    Also there are free programs one can google the the net for that are used exactly for this purpose and you can upload your day’s work directly to your blog from them by clicking a single button.

    This is not to say that such a widget would not be a useful one to invent for But IMO it’s very unlikely that the one that exists will be compatible with the blogging platform we share here. It’s more likely that it would have re-coded specifically for

    Also have your checked the plug-ins list maybe there already is one over there. If so once again it would have to be re-coded for
    Good luck. :)



    Word processing programs DO have a word count function; the function of this widget would be to show everyone else how far along in your book you are. It would be a cool add, and very attractive for novelists and screenwriters. We’re a very competitive bunch. Also, it’s a motivator when you know that your count is gonna be posted; it makes you want to write more.


    this wordmeter

    works if you just paste the code into a text widget.




    Gotta admit that I would like to see this as well. Might help me get some of my fanfiction writing done. (Yeah, right.)


    I use the zokutou word meter, that sunburntkam references, but am also looking for something like the NaNoWriMo wordcout widgets. The difference between the two is that with the zokutou, I have to generate and paste in a new image every time I update the wordcount on my story. With the NaNo one, I type my new wordcount into a field, and it automatically updates the widget image for me. It makes it easy to plop the widget into the sidebar to show progress on a novel. Since novels can take months to finish, generating, opening the sidebar and pasting in the new wordcount image is a pain.

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