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Nav Bar doesn't appear in XP - IE 7.0??

  1. I use Windows 7 & Firefix at home and my blog looks fine, however, at work I use Windows XP and IE 7.0 (I know! They can't update to IE 8.0 for tech compatibility reason). and my nav bar is completely missing (Home, About, Contact, etc). Any idea on how I can get it to appear correctly? The spacing is corret, margins a-ok.. just no nav bar? Also, I noticed a slideshw in a recent post isn't working either in IE 7.0 - is this IE 7.0 specific? Thanks for your help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Volunteers answering forum questions cannot help you with this. This free cross browser compatibility checker is helpful for seeing how your blog display in all browsers In the final analysis I suggest you contact Staff

  3. I know it has something to do with CSS and the fact that the nav bar margins were moved from their default location. Devblog helped me once before with another layout, so I'm hoping he, or someone else as knowledgable, can help with this issue. Thanks.

  4. Okay so I'll flag this so it gets moved to the CSS support forum.

  5. Thanks tt!

  6. I'm moving this over to the CSS forum. I did take a quick look at your site and noticed that you're using the Typekit fonts. You might want to try turning those off at least temporarily to see if that might be the problem in IE7.

  7. @tfardella - I've used Typekit for awhile now, and it has worked fine. This has only been after changing the theme back to the original. I know it's a padding or margin issue, but can't figure out what to change. I've used Firebug, a Firefox CSS editor to tinker with my blog; still can't figure it out. I'll play with it some more. Thanks!

  8. Has anyone had the chance to check on what I need to do to get my NAV bar to appear in IE 7.0? Best I can tell, it's the only major browser it's not showing in.

    I do have the CSS upgrade, thus the custom edits to my blog,

    This was a 'padding' & 'margin' issue before my last run of edits, however, I can not recall how to fix it. If anyone knows, please let me know. Thank you!

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