Nav bar not pushing down my background image

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    Hi guys. My blog has a small background image that should be aligned with the header image. For visitors not logged in in wordpress, it looks ok. But for those logged in, the navbar pushes the header image down by 28px, and not the background image. As a result, the two are no longer aligned.

    I looked in the forums and found this:

    body.loggedin { background-position: 0 28px; }

    I tried to insert this in my custom css but it doesn’t work (I have the upgrade). Maybe I insert it in the wrong place. Can anyone help? Thanks.



    Wow! Just wow! Your blog is absolutely GORGEOUS!

    Have you tried absolute positioning of the header or of the navbar?


    Hi Vivian. Thanks for the tip. I now positioned the header with “position:absolute; top 0px”, so now it’s no longer pushed down and everything is aligned. However, I had to reposition the rest of the blog somewhat downward because nailing the header to the top:0px line caused the rest to move upward… strange.

    Anyway, thanks. You have a nice blog as well.



    Glad it helped!

    You’ve got an extra search box down at the bottom – did you mean to have that there?

    (BTW – I see you’ve hidden the theme credits. You may want to link to the theme designer in your blogroll)


    will do

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