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    I’ve 70+ posts and trying to page back to earlier posts I hit a snag – there’s no “go to earlier posts” link to allow readers to page back through the entries. I can do it via the calendar or the ‘previous posts’ widget but that’s not so obvious to a casual reader – I had to add the previous post list as an afterthought when I realised this was a problem. What’s the best way to provide this function? Is a change of theme the answer or is there a widget or an html trick for this/


    The blog I need help with is



    Hi there,
    Someone else will come along and answer more completely, but I believe this is caused by the infinity scroll.
    TimeThief discusses this here:
    Good luck!


    Thanks for the post – I’d never heard of this infinity scroll thing. And it doesn’t seem to work on my blog (Albeo theme is supposed to support it) or my browser is blocking it. Anyone else care to look and see if it works for them?


    Don’t all rush at once – in fact don’t worry, it all seems to have been the well known problem with the DoNotTrackPlus Firefox add-on. Pity that’s not in the release notes for this new feature, and that these notes aren’t sent round to all bloggers on a new feature release.



    Here is the list of themes that have infinite scrol implemented

    I’m glad to hear you have the solution to your issue with your blog wearing Albeo was to disable the DoNotTrackPlus Firefox add-on.

    Is there anything that related to infinite scroll that else we can help you with?


    No thanks it seems to be working well now. I see you are a frequent contributor on here but not part of the ‘official’ WP staff – is that so? Well your time and effort is appreciated! Support on here for users of free blogs isn’t that great, but helpful fellow users are gold-dust.

    Now all I have to do is decide whether the benefits of DoNotTrack – which I like – outweigh the lack of infinity scrolling on this particular machine. Too much I think to put a panel up on my blog explaining all this to other readers, mostly I guess they won’t have DNTP.

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