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navigating my blog

  1. eternalflowers

    When I view my site, there seems to be no way to navigate. I'm using the Quentin theme, and wonder if this has limitations, though that doesn't make sense. My "about" page and photo are no where to be found upon visiting the blog. My categories don't show up either. Not sure what I'm doing wrong! Thanks for your help!

    The blog I need help with is

  2. Add the pages widget to your sidebar.

  3. Categories that you have created will only show up after you have assigned them to at least one post. You have only one post right now and it is assigned to the "uncategorized" category which does show up in your sidebar. As you write more posts and assign categories to them, they will show up in the categories widget.

  4. eternalflowers

    Thank you for your help! And plz pardon my ignorance, as I'm very new to this. How do I add the page widget to my sidebar?

  5. You're welcome and it is not a problem. We were all beginners at one time so we know what it is like.

  6. eternalflowers

    Again, many thanks! How do I add the pages widget to your sidebar?

  7. dashboard -> appearance -> widgets -> pages widget

  8. eternalflowers

    Thanks so much!

  9. You are welcome! It took me a while to learn the ins and outs here too.
    By the way:
    To find a question or comment you have made previously in the forums, click on your name in the "welcome" to the forums.
    Or click on the word "member" under anyone's name to see what they have said here.

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