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Navigation and Header issues

  1. webmachiavelli

    I have tried many different ways to get my hearder to work as it did before I switched over the WP and to be honest I am as stumped at I can be. I ened someone with some serious CSS/PHP chops to help with this.

    I would prefer that my navigation bar be on the other side of where is is actually showing up.

    I have posted about this before and someone pointed out that my site is not XML compliant but I hvae my doubt about that being what is causeing this. If I am wrong about that then maybe someone could explain to me how I am.

  2. If you are trying to address a css customization issue then you have posted into the support forum rather than the css customization forum.

    If your blog is self hosted or web hosted then you need to be over here

  3. Web is self hosted and we've pointed this out to this person before.

    Again, you need to be in the other forums.

  4. webmachiavelli

    I appologize. I completely forget which site does what for who around here.

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