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    I am using ‘Fresh News’ and I got Customs CSS upgrade. What do I do if I want to move my Navigation Bar to the bottom of the header and with a larger font?

    The blog I need help with is


    Are you talking about the stuff in the black band at the very top? If so, where do you want it in relation to the blue navigation bar with the RSS icon? It might get sort of confusing if they are both together.

    One suggestion would be to create two custom menus. One of them blank that you assign to the very top location (which will cause it to disappear) and then a second with all the stuff you want in your navigation and put that into the blue navigation location.



    I think your second suggestion is very good. Please tell me how I can do that.


    See this support page on custom menus and create two menus. The first will be blank (don’t add any pages or such to it) and then you will select that menu for the top menu location in the theme location module at upper left on the custom menu page. I’m not sure what that is called in Fresh News since I don’t have any access to premium themes.

    Create another menu with all your pages and such in it and assign that to the location where the blue bar is (again, don’t know what it is called).



    I can change the 2 pages ‘About’ and ‘Gallery’ to post and the blue bar will disappear. Then we deal with the Navigation Bar at the top? Is this OK?


    About and Gallery really shouldn’t be posts.

    Why not do as I suggested and then we can hide any left-over remnants of the black bar at the top? We can even make the blue bar black if you wish.



    I thought you said earlier it was impossible. Now let us do what you suggested. Sorry for misunderstanding.


    Not a problem and sorry for the misunderstanding. Give it a go and then as I said, we can deal with any leftover bits with CSS.



    I am ready now and are you? What CSS code I have to go for it?


    I see everything in the black menu at the top. Weren’t you going to put it into the blue menu and then we hide the black one?


    Never mind. This hides the blue and then move the black down to where the blue one was.

    #background {
    position: relative;
    #topmenu {
    display: none;
    #header {
    margin-bottom: 50px;
    #top {
    position: absolute;
    top: 131px;
    width: 100%;


    I copy and paste to the CSS stylesheet Editor but nothing happened. What did I done wrong?


    I see no custom CSS on your site in the custom CSS file. Did you click “save stylesheet”?



    Yes I did save stylesheet, but the code disappeared after I save it. I paste it under 6.


    Try adding it again. There is nothing wrong with the code.


    Delete all the informational text in the CSS edit window to where it is blank before you add your CSS.



    It worked! But the font of the Navigation Bar need to be enlarged. What can we add?


    Add the following and then adjust the % font size value as desired.

    .nav1 a {
    font-size: 110%;


    Hi thesacredpath,

    Thanks a million for helping. This have been bothering me for 4 weeks and I cannot find help anywhere (even in this forum). You are my angel. Thanks again.


    You are welcome.

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