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    Morning All,

    New to the forums so excuse my newbie ignorance…

    I’m aiming to add a photo journal to my blog as a seperate page from my main blog post page. Entering them as a page would obviously be far from ideal as it’s one entry if you like. Ultimately i would love to have each photo entry and a seperate entry in it’s own right.

    I’ve read through previous forum entries, suggestions such as set the navigation bar to show catagories opposed to pages, or set up a custom menu. However when i tried setting it all up via custom menu route, which was working brilliantly until you notice that at the top of each page it would say ‘CATAGORY ARCHIVE” – Category name which looked terrible.

    Is there a way round this that will leave me with an option to link to a seperate space for photos or alternatively to get rid of that box saying category archive?

    Any help gratefully received.


    The blog I need help with is


    You can’t get rid of that heading unless you buy the Custom Design Upgeade.

    You can switch to a different theme: in most themes the heading is a lot more discreet.
    Also, several themes have no such heading at all – see here:



    Hey panaghiotisadam thanks for the reply…

    I should have mentioned I have purchased the custom design upgrade. Are you able to point out how to get rid of that heading then?!



    Add this to the CSS editor:

    #primary-content .archive-title {


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