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navigation bar on home page

  1. navigation bar on home page- trying to set up blog as a website and want to add pages and a navigation bar. can't figure it out

    The blog I need help with is

  2. It looks like you figured out how to add an About page, which has in turn automatically added a menu item called "About", as you can see in the screenshot:

    As you add new pages, they will be automatically added to the navigation bar (aka menu) next to the existing "About" one. The reason your Alpacas page isn't yet showing up is that it's still a draft and hasn't yet been published.

    Here is more information about creating pages.

    It looks like you've also started creating a Custom Menu, but it's not currently showing on your site because you haven't yet assigned it to any of your menu areas here:

    As long as you haven't assigned a custom menu to one of your theme's menu areas, the default menu will continue to be used.

    Here's some more information about If you need further help, just let us know!Custom Menus.

    If you need further help, just let me know.

  3. Thanks. I now can't figure out why alpacas and about is on the same page.,

  4. Ah - that's because you have both your front page and posts page set to the About page under Settings > Reading, as you can see in this screenshot:

    What do you want to display on your homepage, your About page or your latest blog posts?

  5. For now the about page until I do the home page and the about page is moved

  6. Thank you.

  7. now the alpaca page is gone and instead blog posts appear when i click on the alpacas link on the homepage.

  8. You were nearly there. :-)

    To get your blog posts to display correctly, I went ahead and published the Blog page you created, and then set it to display your posts under Settings > Reading. I also added a Blog item to your custom menu.

    Let me know if you need anything else.

  9. To make the blog posts not look all scrunched up do I just change number of posts shown on page?
    Also sub menus? For example I want to do a alpaca information and alpacas for sale under alpacas.
    Thanks so much----

  10. You can definitely experiment with the number of posts displayed on the front page of the blog, by changing the number under Settings > Reading, next to "Blog pages show at most."

    If you find that still doesn't help, you can adjust the spacing between the posts by adding CSS code, if you opt for the Custom Design upgrade.

    If you'd like to create a sub-menu, just follow the directions here for adding sub-pages to your custom menu:

    Let me know if you need further help.

  11. The only way to prevent the pictures appearing scrunchy on the bl;og page is to upgrade?

  12. Also how to remove comments except for on the blog page?

  13. It depends what you mean by "scrunchy" as your blog page looks fine to me. Would you mind explaining in a bit more detail about what you mean, exactly? Thanks!

  14. It might also help to upload a screenshot to help me understand better what you're seeing.

    Here's a guide on how to make a screenshot, if you're not sure:

    You can upload the screenshot in your Media Library and then post a link so I can see it. Thanks.

  15. Is there a shopping cart with an upgrade?

  16. Screen shot has been uploaded. The pictures are not the correct size they are cropped in to a rectangular shape.

  17. Since isn't designed for e-commerce, we don't offer any shopping-cart systems. It is possible to add certain types of PayPal and other payment buttons to a site, as long as they fall within our technical guidelines.

  18. the blog column on right hand side of blog page. how do i remove

  19. The Oxygen theme does include a sidebar on the front page of the blog, but it could be removed with some Custom CSS. I would be glad to help with that if you decide to upgrade.

    Thanks for uploading the screenshot. The Oxygen theme displays featured images called "thumbnails" above the title of each post on the blog front page, in the same height and shape, for uniformity. They are also the same width - 470 pixels - as long as the original image meets that minimum.

    If the uniform featured-image thumbnails aren't to your liking, you might prefer a different theme that doesn't display featured images on the blog front page.

    Just let me know if you have further questions.

  20. Is there a way to remove comments and likes from all but the blog page?

  21. You can turn off the ability to comment on any page by checking off the box next to "Allow Comments" as in this screenshot:

    If you don't see the Discussion box on your pages, you may need to display it under Screen Options at the top right, as you can see here:

    You can set your Likes to display in two different ways, by going under Settings > Sharing and choosing either:

    - Likes are "On for all posts"
    - Likes are "Turned on per post"

    There isn't currently a way to, by default, only display Likes on blog posts.

  22. Is there a way to remove the comments already there? I de- selected the likes and comments but they are still visible

  23. I see "Allow comments" still checked off on your About page -


    I unchecked it, but to remove existing comments you can click Trash below each comment you want to remove in the Comments area:

  24. Thanks, any way to hide the likes?

  25. Hi there - if you want, you can switch your Likes settings to "per post" under Settings > Sharing, here:

    That will let you only turn on Likes on a post-by-post and page-by-page basis. As I mentioned before, there isn't currently a way to hide Likes only Pages but leave them on for the whole blog, unless you were to apply some special CSS with the Custom Design upgrade.

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