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    Can someone tell me why the Navigation Bar on top of my blog only shows a few of the Pages I created? I actually only want four or five but it seems to be selective about which ones it shows. In other words, I would like to only have the following on my TOP navigation bar:

    About Me
    Portfolio – Introduction and Overview
    My Bio
    Client Testimonials
    Contact me

    Then also, I’d like to have the MAIN categories of my writing: Fund raising, Travel, Direct Mail, Web, Blogs, etc.

    So, how do I choose which Pages appear at the top and which ones don’t? For example, Under my Custom Menu, I just tried to drag the Page I created titled “Client Testimonials” under My Bio thinking that make it show on the top navigation bar. It didn’t work PLUS, that Client Testimonials page wouldn’t drag PARALLEL to My Bio, About Me, etc….it kept being pushed over with the Custom Menu trying to make it a Sub Page!

    The blog I need help with is



    Okay, I am sort of figuring it out (Client Testimonials are now showing on Navigation Bar.) The problem now is that when I go to Pages and delete those Pages, it’s not showing all my deleted Pages in my My Custom Menu.

    So, under Pages I show that I have 12 Pages, but underneath My Custom Menu (where I drag Pages and Categories around), it shows 15 Pages! I need to get rid of those 3 extra Pages so that they don’t show up on my top navigation bar, etc.


    click on the blue title bar for the pages you want to remove on the custom menu pane and then click the “remove” link.



    Yeah, I just figured that out (finally)! Now I’m having the problem of the various genera categories not sliding over to the far left like they’re supposed to. I’m sure I’ll figure it out though–if not, “I’ll be back.” :) :)

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