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Navigation bar problems

  1. Is anyone else noticing that their CSS-styled WP navigation bar is suddenly looking a bit odd?

  2. yeah mine is.


    You mean a different color? There's a new WP blog entry about it.

  4. jamesewelch: if you look at our blogs, our css-styled admin bars are borked, when previously it worked fine.

    is staff going to fix this, or are we not allowed to style the admin bar now?

  5. yeah mine is messed up, too. I had hoped they would have fixed it by now.

  6. Mine as well.

  7. I've taken out most of the coding, so now what I have is the normal bar in my chosen colour; but the font and the drop-down menus are in the standard WP colours. But at least it doesn't look like it was built by a child.

  8. For what it's worth, this is what I now have:

    #wpcombar {
    border-bottom:2px outset;

    #wpcombar .myaccount {
    border-bottom:2px outset;

    #wpcombar .myaccount:hover {

    .quicklinks a:hover,#wpcombar .menupop:hover {

  9. rosclarke: works in preview. i'm going to set it to my colours and report again. :)

  10. rosclark: thanks for this. I've gotten mine mostly fixed. One thing I had to do was set the height of the #wpcombar .myaccount. It was overlapping the header.

    One problem left: the press this link is higher than everything else. Any ideas?

  11. One more thing - I had to change each of the elements in order to get things to even come close to looking right. The one I still can't get straight is the blog info. I'm still getting that ugly color.

    I may end up trashing the customized bar altogether at this point.

  12. works great. i can't seem to adjust the colours of the options when you hover over the my account / blog info.

  13. which is okay since the main thing is that my admin bar matches my skin! :D

  14. vivianpaige, it looks like you've got it fixed?

    sulz, I couldn't find a way to adjust the drop down menu colours either.

  15. Actually, rosclarke, I had to go back to the original setup (without my custom image) and just change the colors. And because the text is so light (and I couldn't figure out how to change the text color) I had to even pick a different color :( Like y'all, I couldn't get the drop-down menu to change colors once I went back to the default setup.

    I'm going to work on this some more when I have a few minutes.

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