Navigation Bar – why is it showing BOTH pages and categories

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    I’m awfully afraid that (a) this question has already been answered or (b) I’m missing something obvious here, but why is it that my top Navigation Bar is displaying BOTH Pages and Categories? I thought it was only supposed to display Pages?

    The blog I need help with is



    What the default nav bar displays really depends on the theme.

    You can override it with your own nav bar at Appearance -> Menus in your Dashboard.

    See this for more info:


    In most themes that have a top nav menu, the default menu displays your static pages;* for the very few special cases see here, points 1, 2, 4:

    * All your parent pages; in some themes, with dropdowns to child pages.

    A custom top nav menu can display static pages, categories, individual posts, and any other (allowed) link; dropdowns possible in all themes with top navigation.



    Great…super helpful guys. I LOVE this forum. :)



    Okay,I think I know what I did. Yes, I had created my own custom menu and, in so doing, I unwittingly I created the Menu to have BOTH Pages and Categories appear on the top navigation bar. Now that is really confusing to visitors.

    Let’s see, how can I fix this? If I eliminate the Custom Menu (to see what happens to the navigation bar) can I get it back again…or will I have to recreate it?


    You don’t have to eliminate the custom menu, just take the categories out of it and then you can use the categories widget in the sidebar. You can remove the categories by clicking on the right end of each category title bar in the custom menu page and then click the “remove” link.


    Or you can simply revert to the default menu of the theme by going to Appearance > Menus and selecting the blank option from the dropdown in the Theme Locations module.

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