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    Is there any way to control what is included on the top navigation bar?

    I have a dozen pages that are indexed through a text widget in the sidebar of the “Connections” theme. This makes the navigation bar redundant, and with 12 pages it is sloppy and confusing. For my current work-around, I created a parent called “placeholder”, that holds all my real pages, so that only “home” and “placeholder” are included in the top nav bar. Is there a better way to control the nav bar so I don’t need the “placeholder” page? I have searched and I still don’t really understand categories, so maybe there is help there?

    Also, I’m pretty sure it’s not possible, but can we change the width of the sidebars?

    Many thanks!!



    No I’m sorry but we can’t edit navigation bars here or sidebars either. We are all on a shared multi-user blogging platform. What happens to one happens to all.
    If you are accustomed to tweaking your theme then wordpress has two options other than this one (limited to customizing headers and creating text widgets) for you to check out. They are css customization and its alternative which is downloading and self hosting a blog template from or hiring a web host to do this for you. The following link leads to a clear description of the options available to you.


    I have the same limitation in the pressrow theme. (There are some themes without the tabs above the header.) Using page “parents” as you describe is about the only workaround I’ve found. It would be great to be able to prevent links to pages from displaying *anywhere* on the home page. (e.g., you might want a “links” page with only certain categories showing, each leading to its own page of links in that category) It might help to send a feedback to support (in the dashboard, top right corner) to let them know you’d like more ability to control the visibility of navigation links to pages as tabs above the header, and in the sidebar. I contacted them, and this issue is apparently not currently on the agenda. But maybe if they know more people want it…

    I don’t know if this could be tweaked in the CSS. I’ll look at my old blog and see where I used to tweak it.


    Thanks guys. I don’t mind the work-around, I just didn’t want to be missing out on anything



    You’re welcome. :)


    Okay, I checked my old blog and that tweak was done in sidebar.php, not in the CSS. In that theme (“Fastrack,” similar to “Connections,” from the same guy) there was not the automatic creation of a navigation tab on top every time you made a page. But the tweak in sidebar.php allowed you to show or not show any given page as a link in the sidebar.

    For reference here is that blog:

    As an example, click the “take action” link under “site basics” in the sidebar. There you can see that on that page I had links to several pages not showing in the sidebar. Had I had them showing, it would have been pretty cluttered. (Not sure, but I don’t think any of the themes here will do that.)

    It would definitely extend the flexibility of blogs here to have that capability.

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