navigation buttons on the right are all the way down

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    this is my wordpress
    everything was working ok until some1 today posted a new article. the background of the index is disapeared and the navigation buttons on the right are all the way down. If you click another news, everything is working normal.

    Please tell me what to do… help help

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    That is a good-looking blog. I like how you use images. But are you on, or are you hosted elsewhere? If you’re not on, you need to be at

    If you’re at, I can tell you that this sort of problem usually happens when you’ve added an image that’s too wide. Maybe delete the last post, re-post without any images, and then edit to add images in one by one?



    ok, i was edited the post and the background is back.. i’ll try again edit to add images.. thaks for your help.

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