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Navigation - like website

  1. Hello masters ...
    we have join a WP blog for our band, and we want to create a navigation bar like a website ....
    for example with pages, about us, discography, press ... etc.. etcc... simple static pages ...
    with text (and possibly external links).

    Someone can HELP US !!??!?!?!?

    I'm mad with categories, pages, and other tips...

    Bye and thank you from now.

  2. Please help!

  3. /nod to judyb12

    A blog is not a website and a blog cannot be made to function like a website. We cannot edit our templates here because we are all on a shared multi-user blogging platform.

    In our blogs the pages we create sit outside the structure. They do not automatically update and they cannot be assigned categories. The static information on them is not crawled by search engine spiders.

    In a blog only one page can be assigned as a front page. Moreover only one page can automatically update as a running posts page. That "posts" page as well as your "front" page can be changed here.
    =>Dashboard => Options => Reading Options

  4. he could achieve the look with css though couldn't he? that is if he is willing to pay. if so, then he should just get a self-hosted blog instead...

  5. The static information on them is not crawled by search engine spiders.

    Actually, pages are indexed by search engines. Just FYI ;-)

    Just start putting your stuff in posts and pages, play with the different themes we have, and see what you like.

  6. @judyb12
    I did not know that pages were searched by spiders - thanks for the info . As for the rest of what I said - it still stands.

    The title on this post is Navigation - like website and we frequently get new bloggers on the forum who do not understand that blogs do not function like websites do. If these bloggers actually require website functionality then IMO this should be cleared up prior to them spending a lot of time and energy to try and accomplish something that will not succeed.

  7. Just to clarify, here's a link to where Google shows my Page of links.

  8. @drmike
    Thanks for the confirmation re: pages. :)

  9. Not a problem. :)

  10. It's WordPress stats that don't count pages, that's all. Search engines do list them, but anyone coming to our blogs via a search that lands on a page won't be counted unless they also check out the blog itself.

  11. we want to create a navigation bar like a website

    This can be achieved through your choice of theme. I use Contempt which has a navigation bar right under the header but there are others.
    Admin Dashboard > Presentation > Themes

    Hey, I actually think my blog does function like a website. ;)

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