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    Hi i have a new wordpress site. In my navigation i see two home pages. One i see as a page but the other i cant find as a page to edit or delete teh page

    The blog I need help with is




    Hi Timethief, Thank you for responding to my post!!
    I have made a custom menu. At the place where a can create a menu i could see my Home site that i cant find under pages. Do you now a way to remove this homepage ore to adjust it?



    Now i can see a home page on the blog, but i cant edit the page becaulse i cant see that home page under pages. When i creat a other home page i have 2 home pages



    You don’t have two home pages, you have two links that say “Home”.

    Your homepage isn’t a static page such those you create in Pages > Add New or edit in Pages > All Pages: your homepage is just the blog front.
    And the pre-existing “Home” item you can find in Appearance > Menus when you click View All in the Pages module isn’t such a page either, it’s just a link to the blog front.

    You cannot remove or edit the blog front, you can only set what you want it to display: either your latest posts or an intro page.

    So (assuming you want an intro page as your front):
    1) You create and publish the page in Pages > Add New.
    2) You go to Settings > Reading and set the blog front to display that page.
    3) You go to Appearance > Menus, create a menu, click View All in the Pages module, select all the items except the intro page you created, click Add to Menu, set this menu as your primary menu, save.

    For more details on Custom Menus see this post of mine:



    Hi Justpi,

    It worked :) Thank you verry mutch helping me!!

    You made me happy :)

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