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    Can I include a “previous post” and a “next post” link in the text widget ?
    If so, can you provide the necessary html code ?
    This would be really helpful because those links in my blog (Skeptical theme) are located in the bottom of the page, hence not very accessible,
    Putting them in the sidebar would be great for me!
    Thanks in advance.

    The blog I need help with is


    That would require some PHP scripting and we cannot use PHP script here at for security reasons.


    Thanks for your reply. So there is no way to have those links elsewhere than in the bottom? No html to give the next or previous page url?



    Would you like us to flag this thread so it gets moved to the Themes Forum? Then you can ask Theme Staff if they will add these navigation links to the theme.


    Please do. Thanks



    Done but do understand Staff may not agree to add a second set of navigation links to the top of the page. Good luck! :)




    Any news ?




    Unfortunately we don’t have a plan to add a theme option / a custom widget to show post navigations to the sidebar in Skeptical at this point.

    However we will keep your suggestion in mind.



    Thanks for the answer.
    And you confirm that there is no way to put those links into the text widget ?


    Hi, photoatttraction. I can confirm that. There isn’t any way to put those links into a text widget.


    Thanks anyway. Please consider this feature (simple one…) in your next releases. I think the community will appreciate it.

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