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    I’ve created a navigation menu in my header with “Home”, “FAQ’s”, “Cast of Characters”, and “Contact”. None are visible, unless you scroll over them one at a time. How do I make them constantly visible? Thanks.
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    The menu has been set so that any anchor links turn white, so all your clickable navigation turns white – not helpful for you in this scenario! To change it to another color, add this to your CSS stylesheet:

    #access li a {
        color: #777777;

    You can change the color code (#777777 in this case) to anything that will work for you.

    Good luck!


    That actually looks a possible bug to me in how that theme’s color options are setup. I reported it to the theme team to take a quick look to see what I can find out before you make any changes.



    Awesome, thanks so much! I fixed it! Warmly, Marya


    Hey there, the trouble you were seeing was because of a bug in the Elemin color mapping rules. You shouldn’t have had to add a workaround in your CSS editor to make the menu links work easily. We’ve fixed the problem, and you can safely remove the extra workaround CSS code you added at and use the customize options at instead now.

    It will work either way, but I would recommend removing the workaround you added because it really shouldn’t be needed. Note that you may need to re-save settings in the customize screen after you remove the workaround CSS you added, but you should only have to do that once and then you should be all set.

    Thanks for reporting the issue in the forums!



    @designsimply, how did you know it was a bug vs just a poor/unexpected CSS selection? Is that just back-end stuff that you have access to? I am curious and want to provide better answers, rather than possibly confuse folks with a hack rather than a fix.


    I found it by testing the customize options for the Elemin theme and noticing that a lot of the color choices I picked for the “Hover Link” color palette circle made the menu items seem to disappear and it seemed pretty easy to trigger to me so I considered it a bug.

    In this case, the bug happened in a premium theme, so you wouldn’t have had access to test it yourself. But for a free theme, you could have tried testing color changes in a test blog with the theme in question activated.

    Workarounds are good sometimes, especially when someone needs a fast fix, but from a support standpoint I would much rather work to fix bugs than to provide workarounds whenever possible. Your reply was great!

    Thanks tons for your help! <3



    Oh that’s a really good tip. I sometimes check out the theme to see if they have an easy solution built-in, but it’s kind of haphazard. I could get much more systematic about it (well, with the free themes) – that’s a good tool to have!

    I am on the same page as you with the workaround vs enduring fix.

    Always glad to help out! <3

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