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Nearly 1,600 hits and My Mom is the Only One Who Comments...Is My Blog Lame?

  1. Baiting is OK - it was the fake accounts that bothered me. I just would NOT be able to do it!

    Call me naive or innocent or whatever - but I'm not going to pretend to be someone I'm not!

    Now just going to refresh my memory on the comment baiting thing in case I got it wrong!

  2. Phew - I had remembered correctly on the comment baiting bit. Very relieved!

  3. No, you're not getting this.

    You are not creating the sock puppet to interject into a going discussion. You are creating the sock puppet to put an icebreaker comment in so that other people will feel more comfortable putting comments in. You don't engage with them via the sock puppet.

    You of course have the choice not to do this. I generally don't do this myself. But then you must realize that, like an empty restaurant, an empty comments section is not going to be considered inviting.

  4. readytochangenow

    With my OCD I can just see myself having a very passionate argument with myself in the comment sections of my own post. I would have personas and plot lines, conflict and puns....

    *racing off to jot down ideas*

  5. @raincoaster

    You are creating the sock puppet to put an icebreaker comment in so that other people will feel more comfortable putting comments in. You don't engage with them via the sock puppet.

    Not my style.

  6. @readytochangenow
    You crack me up girl. :D

  7. readytochangenow

    Thank you TT - I could name the sock puppet NotReadyToChange!

    I love coments, so I always try to write one when I enjoy the post. It takes a lot of time, but is worth it. I sort of like being the first one to comment...makes me feel like I found some hidden treasure.

  8. @readytochangenow - I agree! I like being first too! But I very, very rarely ever am because you all write and read while I am asleep! Consequently, when I get to a page there are 40 odd comments already!

    @TT - glad I'm not the only one.

  9. plasticdaffodils

    May I suggest that you change out your header picture for a different one? The content of the picture is fine, but it's out of focus and brings down the overall good quality of your blog. All your recipes look great though!

  10. Oh heck, I was once in a chat with 18 other people and 4 of them were me! This is nothing, not even Internet Drama 101.

  11. How many people are you on this thread, @Raincoaster? *WEG*

  12. @raincoaster
    When I visualize that I can't stop laughing. :D

  13. readytochangenow

    *furiously taking notes, hoping they don't notice her lurking*

  14. Nobody wants to be the first comment, just like nobody wants to go into an empty restaurant.

    Not in my country. :)
    Here in my 'neighborhood', many bloggers love to be the first commenters. They'll write something like 'first commenting spot is now secured'. Well off course you have to make comments on regular basis in that blog first. :)
    As for me, I never have problems commenting in a blog which previously has no comment at all. It makes me feel like a pioneer, somehow. :)

  15. Nandobase, please feel free to drop by and be the first commenter any time you like! :)

  16. @teamoyeniyi, thank you. I've made a comment in your blog but failed to be the first. :)

  17. I got it. It is lovely, thank you. No, I think you have to be early to be first, unless it is the days I post something really confronting where even our regular followers have trouble finding something they feel is appropriate to say.

    We DO have happy articles! :) I tend to mix up the tone if I can. In the early days, that was hard, but now we have happy times, so it is easy to balance the sad/drama with the joy.

  18. Apologies to the OP - I almost thread-jacked there.

  19. I keep thinking you could arrange tour groups with people from Nandobase's country. The people I know who own restaurants would GLADLY feed them for free if they'd sit in the window and make the place look busy.

  20. Hey everybody! Thank you so much for each of your comments. I read them all and took your advice to heart. I made several of the changes you suggested:

    - I created a Facebook Page for Some Kinda Good
    - I changed the navigation so that the first page you see on my blog is the homepage and not the welcome- good point on that!
    - I also changed the theme, added drop down menus, new photos and a few new pages like Blogs I Love and a Contact Me.

    @plasticdaffodils, I know what you mean about my header photo. To be honest, I took that picture with my cell phone and it isn't that high of quality. I do love everything in it however, lol!! I'll work on that. Thanks so much for visiting and commenting.

    If you'd like to check out the new changes, please feel free!! Thanks again. I appreciate it y'all:

  21. readytochangenow

    I love the new look! - It is very clean and the photos are amazing!

  22. readytochangenow

    One suggestion - you may want to broaden your tags - they are like an index in the back of a book. You want them general enough that people looking for a specific item will have your blog pop up.

    For example, on your hash brown topic you have Hash Brown Casserole and Paula Deen as tags. Go to the WordPress home page and click topics. If you search on Hash Brown Casserole on about 8 blogs show up – this makes it less visible.

    I would suggest tagging this post Food, Casserole, hash browns, breakfast, Paula Deen. This way people who are looking at Food blogs are sure to see it. You will have a better chance at finding your core audience.

    The same with your blackberry cobbler post – you provide great step-by-step instructions, but I won’t find them with the current tags – suggest something like Food, recipe, instructions, cooking tips, cobbler, blackberry.

  23. That's good advice.

  24. Loving the new look!

  25. I love it too. :)

  26. Hmm, I did a spot of "sock Puppeteering" on another site and boy did it explode in my face. It is common practice on this particular site but I trusted someone, told that person and I was 'outed' in the most appalling manner. Then I was followed onto here and had awful comments on my blog and had to change my name. Never again.

  27. That is why you don't do it to anybody else. It ALWAYS blows up in your face.

    There's classic sock puppeteering, which sounds like what you did, and then there's comment seeding. The difference is, you don't engage via that sock puppet. it exists to seed comments and that's it. One per post, MAXIMUM.

  28. Hmm, I did a spot of "sock Puppeteering" on another site and boy did it explode in my face.

    Is that you Raincoaster? If so it serves you right ;-)

  29. No, I'm too famous now to sock puppet myself!

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