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    I am trying to get a bog set up for a large lecture, and due to issues of material being distributed in an academic setting (ok for copyright) but not available publicly (not ok for copyright, even under fair use), we want to make the blog private – HOWEVER. It’s a bi-weekly lecture of 400+ students. I realize that I need to ‘upgrade’ from free, somehow, but I’m not clear on what upgrade I need, how much it will cost, and how quickly I can transfer the already-built blog from the current free build to a private domain. Additionally, I don’t know enough about databases management to know what I need in order to have 450 private registered users.

    I need to have this all done before 9 am on Thursday, to make it even more complicated (and no, I’m not the primary person responsible, or the primary decision maker, just someone who bothered to ask the questions.)

    THANK YOU in advance! (PS – attached blog is NOT the one I’m asking about.)
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    You don’t need any upgrades. You can have as many readers as you like on a private blog now. The only problem is, you can only send out ten invitations at a time.



    Oh, really?? Wow, that’s excellent! Why isn’t that more clear? That would help me immensely. 10 invites at a time is no big deal, because we can put grad students to work. ;)

    So to clarify, I *can* have unlimited readers on a private blog hosted for free on, correct?



    That is correct. Anticipate some issues with getting them all properly Invited. It’s easiest to do if they already have ID’s, but if they have email addresses, the process sends them an email with a link to join the blog. It sometimes goes to a spam folder, so tell them to look for it and fish it out.


    Oh thank you so much. That saves me SO MUCH HEADACHE. I really appreciate it! :)



    No worries. Is it an interesting course? I should hit you up for an Invitation!


    It should be. It’s an art history course for undergrads. I’d invite you, but copyright/registered class member, etc etc concerns. And I’m only the teaching assistant. :)



    Oooh, that DOES sound interesting. Oh well.

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