Need 5G upgrade for video upload?

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    I’ve just read about 9 different things, here and out on the net, about WordPress and videos for our blogs, the 3G free upgrade you just offered, the paid upgrades, etc. I’m so confused now.

    All I want to know is whether, as it stands now, can we use the WordPress Video program WITHOUT any PAID upgrade?

    And if so, where, SPECIFICALLY, to go for instructions please?

    Thank you very much.



    Here is what is confusing:

    Regarding WordPress Video Player




    Thank you ella, but I don’t think I worded my first question clearly.
    See my last post re. the WordPress Video Player. That’s what I have questions about.

    Do we need to PURCHASE 5G upgrade to use the WORDPRESS Video PLAYER as is implied here?



    It’s not implied. It says in the entry you linked to that it’s in beta and available only to those with the space upgrade.

    If the upgrade is not something you’d like to do, there are alternatives in the entry I linked to.



    Here is what the post you gave says re. file types allowed in free vs. upgraded:

    “What kind of files can I upload?

    Free blogs can upload images (jpg, jpeg, png, gif), documents (pdf, doc, odt) and presentations (ppt).

    In addition to those file types, blogs with a space upgrade can also upload music (mp3, m4a, ogg, wav) and videos (avi, mp4, mpg, mov, wmv).”

    I guess that answers my question, then, that VIDEO files are NOT SUPPORTED at all without a PAID UPGRADE, yes?



    You can’t upload videos without the upgrade. You can link to videos without it quite easily. But regarding space, the entry also says:

    Are there other options for uploading files besides the Space Upgrade?

    If you’ve run out of space or would like to upload other types of files, some alternative options are:

    Use an external content hosting service such as Flickr or Youtube, and link to your images and videos there.
    Upload to a dedicated file hosting or file sharing service.
    Remove some of your existing files to make room for new ones.



    Yes, as I said, I think I worded my original question wrong.

    I do understand the outside hosting options. That is what I did NOT want to do in order to put my own videos into my own blog.

    Maybe I’m looking for something that doesn’t exist? I would like a free blog service which also offers personal video uploading for free.

    I really like WordPress so far so I don’t want to stray.

    Will the WP Video Player be complimentary after it’s out of Beta?



    That’s a good question about post-beta and I wouldn’t presume to guess the answer.

    But the bottom line re: uploading videos is that it can be done with your free blog, but not for free. To upload will require the space upgrade.

    I understand not wanting to stray. I like WP too, for my free .com blogs and my self-hosted one.



    I just would like to use the video player for videos hosted elsewhere, like we can do with the audio player.

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