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Need a bit of code help.

  1. In previous themes I have used the code listed below all the images were a lot closer together. In my current theme they are spaced out a lot more as the link will show:

    Could someone please help me modify my code so the images are not so far apart from each other. I wouldn't really have an idea of how to do this particular request. Thank you in advance for any help given.

    <table><br /> <tr></p> <p><td><a href="" title="Keep Updated On When New Videos Are Uploaded"><p style="margin-bottom:-2px;"><img src="" alt="YouTube Icon" /></p></a></td></p> <p><td><a href="" title="Follow Us On Twitter"><p style="margin-bottom:-2px;"><img src="" alt="Twitter Icon" /></p></a></td></p> <p><td><a href="!/pages/My-Gamers/154825394545029" title="Like Us On FaceBook"><p style="margin-bottom:-2px;"><img src="" alt="FaceBook Icon" /></p></a></td></p> <p><td><a href="" title="Chat With New Friends On Steam"><p style="margin-bottom:-2px;"><img src="" alt="Steam Icon" /></p></a></td></p> <p><td><a href="" title="Live Video Stream Every Week"><p style="margin-bottom:-2px;"><img src="" alt="UStream Icon" /></p></a></td></p> <p><td><a href="" title="Donations Of Any Amount Are Greatly Appreciated"><p style="margin-bottom:-2px;"><img src="" alt="Feedburner Icon" /></p></a></td></p> <p></tr><br /> </table><br />

    The blog I need help with is

  2. These might be of interest to you:

  3. @dekyi: That article is about keyboard shortcuts on Microsoft Office. I don't see what it has to do with his question about HTML...

  4. If you change

    <p style="margin-bottom:-2px;


    <p style="margin-right:-20px;

    You should fix the problem I was having on the paperpunch theme. Now if I could just get the entire table to centre.

  5. a) You don't need class="center" or whatever in the image codes.

    b) To change image margins, you don't need extra p tags; you write:
    <img style="margin-right:-20px;" src=[etc.]

    c) But the CSS of the theme specifies an 8px horizontal padding for each table cell; so the best way to bring the images closer is to specify the padding you want for each td.

    d) Table alignment doesn't seem to work in this theme, so you need to enclose the table in a centered div.

    In all:

    <div align="center">
    <table style="margin-top:7px;">
    <td style="padding:2px;">IMAGE1 CODE</td>
    <td style="padding:2px;">IMAGE2 CODE</td>
    <td style="padding:2px;">IMAGE3 CODE</td>
    <td style="padding:2px;">IMAGE4 CODE</td>
    <td style="padding:2px;">IMAGE5 CODE</td>
    <td style="padding:2px;">IMAGE6 CODE</td>

    (Image codes without negative margins.)

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