Need a bit of help with CSS coding

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    So I just found out I can’t use plugins because I am a, and not .org owner – that’s fine.

    I just bought the custom CSS package, and I’m wondering if anyone knows how to

    -Add my name and avatar to the title of every blog post
    -Make the center blog margins a bit wider for text

    Thanks a ton! Sorry if this can’t be done – I’m just trying to start a website with very little coding experience.

    God bless,

    The blog I need help with is



    “Add my name and avatar to the title of every blog post”
    I would add the Gravatar widget on the side bar,

    “Make the center blog margins a bit wider for text”
    If you are talking about the main body column where the texts appear you can easily do it by entering a proper width value in the “Limit width to” box in the CSS edit page i think. Also read .



    All I see is “Sidebar 1” for my theme – when I add the Gravatar widget, it just adds my widget at the bottom right of the right sidebar (you can see it now with my name next to it).

    As for the width, I’m trying to think of the correct term to look up a proper code…body page width? It just looks squished at the moment.

    Thanks for the help so far.


    The main width is controlled in #wrapper but as you will see if you widen that, it breaks a lot of the images that make up the theme background. I didn’t look to see what would be involved in fixing those background image issues, but it typically requires a bit of work in an image editing program to widen the images, or make new ones.


    Both the top and bottom background images would have to be fixed.




    Apparently monochrome (the theme I use) allows for practically no customization. I might look for another theme, but I do really like this one!


    You’re welcome. Monochrome does, via CSS, but it takes a lot more work.



    Ah! Time to google search Monochrome CSS like crazy!

    Take care.

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