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Need a good text editor...MSword is not good.

  1. If you visit, you'll see that the text is all out of whack. The problem is a lot of the stuff i type, i type in a different text editor and it doesn't paste right. Do you know of any good text editors or to point me in a direction that will help. thanks a bunch!

    Also, can i transfer that domain i already bought through to a domain and is it worth it for the perks, or will i lose all my posts?

  2. There is a button in the extended toolbar in the wordpress editor with a "W" on it that is for pasting stuff from MS Word. It strips out, and cleans up the MS Word code.

    Alternately you could use an offline editor such as I do. There is a good review of what is available with links here:

  3. hey man, thanks for the help. I really needed it.

  4. You're very welcome, and happy blogging.

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