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    i do not do well spending hours looking through a bunch of posts.
    i have simple questions that any tech support person should be able to answer within five minutes and yet, wordpress customer service is forcing me to ask the community even though i have looked through PAGES of posts etc and already wasted 1.5 hours this morning. also, every time i have posted to the community in the past, i have trouble finding where to go if anyone even made a reply. YEP! i am so very not tech savy and have no interest in being tech savy.

    simple version, i want to create a second wordpress account.
    build a website
    once it is built have my current webpage directed to the wordpress one.
    in six months when my curreent website is ready to renew change it over to wordpress
    what should I be leary of or problems should i expect?
    can i change the directed to website name to my current website name in six months?
    what in the “store” is the price i would have to pay to have someone build it for me?

    (i know i am taking more time typing these questions up than it would take to answer them)

    thank you for your time and understanding my frustration that i am an eye ball to eye ball type of person, or over the phone if available.
    Blog url:

    The blog I need help with is



    There is no upgrade in the “store” that covers this, but I’m happy to bid on it. I’ll charge you $500 to do this, plus $200 an hour to answer questions via phone.

    It is, in fact, quite easy to do this yourself. You need a different email to set up the separate account. But you don’t really need a new account at all; you just need a new blog. Go to and create one. Once it’s built, on your current blog go to Tools->Export and create an export file of the contents. On your new blog go to Tools->Import and import all those contents.

    I don’t know what you mean by “change it over to WordPress” because it’s already WordPress.



    every time i have posted to the community in the past, i have trouble finding where to go if anyone even made a reply

    Clicking on “member” under your name shows this is the only post you have made in two months asking for help



    Hi vudragovich. :)

    Allow me to explain a little more about what WordPress is, and what services we provide at specifically.

    In the most basic sense, WordPress is software that allows you to build a website or blog. You do not need to build a website elsewhere and transfer it to WordPress… you use WordPress to create it.

    You also need to choose where you host the site. You can host your site with us on or on your own hosting provider using the free software at

    For an explanation of the differences between .com and .org, see:

    If you choose to use as your hosting, you can build your site here, so you don’t need to move it later. Our hosting itself is free, and with our service you get automatic updates, free themes to change how your site looks, options to connect your site to social media, and a lot of other features. You can upgrade to add additional premium options, the ability to modify your theme, add videos, and so on.

    We try to make our services as easy to use as we can so that our users can build their own sites.

    For those new to we have a series of tutorials:

    We also have documentation on all of our services and features on

    If you’re still stuck, you’re welcome to post your questions here and someone will help you out! :)



    Helpful and simple directions!

    a) thank you!
    b) the other community support question sites were not wordpress (verizon/comcast/google) where I had the bad experiences
    c) raincoaster, thank you for the simple directions, give me a few days and I may call you
    d) jackiedana, i watched the tutorial to start my blog in June and it worked okay, I tried finding that section this morning and could not.
    e) my goal, because I think I mistyped, my domain name is currently w godaddy, I had someone build a stop gap site and it is on a free hosting site, I want to build a site here, have my godaddy domain pointed here then in six months bring the domain name over here…am I thinking right?

    Alrighty! thank you all and this was a much better experience than I have had with any group support sites areas before.

    dave (see? I was able to get this part to work :)



    e) is actually really easy. Here are the instructions for that



    vudragovich, glad to help. Have a good weekend. :)

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