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need a proper RSS.URL address

  1. I am trying to enter a blog on my author page...but it says that I need a RSS.URL to make a blog ....can you help thanks Ken Carpenter
    Blog url:

  2. I did still wants the RSS.URL


  4. All WordPress blogs have multiple built-in feeds

    The blog linked to your username is a free hosted blog that is devoid of any blogger created content. Is that the blog you refer to?

  5. I am new at this so don't really have any idea what I am doing. I was trying to put an address on my amazon author page.,,.and that is where I ran into a just said I need to have a RSS in front of my URL..I have no idea what that means.....

    my address is (i tried putting the RSS in front of the address....still wouldn't work...dunno..

  6. HOLY MOLEY.....Time Thief.....great advice....i just added / the tail end of my blog address and it went on the site....dang....far out....friend me 'timethief' you are a keeper....thanks...Ken Carpenter

  7. You're welcome. :)

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