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Need a specific selector please :-)

  1. Hello,

    I'm working on my new blog:

    If you look at it you can see that my posts have white backgrounds only on the elements within them. I see from the source that these divs are as labled as such: div id="post-4" div id="post-1", and so on. Can anyone tell me what the actual selector is on this one? I know it's the one I need to edit because I can put #post-1 { blah: blah;} and my style will display only on post number 1, but I need it to display on all of them.



    The blog I need help with is

  2. Nevermind.

  3. To get rid of the white, you will need to change the color definitions (background-color) in the three below and of course you will also need to change the font colors (color) to something other than black in these as well

    .post div

    body.home abbr.published, body.archive abbr.published,

    div.entry-content p

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