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Need A WordPress url of my choice

  1. Hello Admin,

    I really need a url of my choice which is ( as i visit this link it says not activated but when i make a blog with this name it says already in use ? :( my name is taha so i need this url please help me..


  2. has not been activated yet.

    I'll tag this thread for a Staff follow-up. Please subscribe to the thread so you are notified when they respond and please be patient while waiting.

  3. I already subscribe thanks ..

  4. But this domain is not mine and i want this..

  5. We do not reuse or reassign blog names on Please refer to this support page for more information:

    Keep in mind we also offer an upgrade for custom domain names and you can use any blog URL underneath a custom domain. For more details about how domain mapping works, see this guide:

  6. But if the domain is not activated by there user why don't u cancel that and give this name to those who need this ..???

  7. Because it belongs to someone else.

  8. Raincoaster is correct, we do not reuse or reassign blog names on

  9. So if someone not activated it for a long time why dont u cancelled that and give those who need..

  10. Because the sun will rise and set regardless of whether gives you the domain name or not, but if someone OWNS it and they give it to you, they'll have a disgruntled customer on their hands. How would you feel if you reserved a blog and they gave it away.

    You'll live. Pick a new name.

  11. Blog URLs are the property of the users who register them. It's up to them to choose how to use them, and that also includes not using them.

  12. @tahasmarty: I can say that the mentioned rule (not to reuse blog names) is here long time, even before This is to prevent hijacking of the URLs by spam bloggers.

  13. Ok thanks all ..

  14. Also note that some names are used for purposes other than setting up blogs. If a person wants access to a friend or family member's private blog, then they must set up an account with a username in order to read that blog; he or she does not have to start a blog but will have a legitimate reason for owning that account name. Or the owner may have need of a jetpack username for a self-hosted site.

    You could add a number before or after "taha," or purchase a domain upgrade to use that name (if it is available).

  15. You're welcome!

    Please let us know if you have any more questions!

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