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Need access to our blog - previous "owner" gone

  1. debatbpdsociety

    The previous administrator for our blog is no longer available and we have no idea what the password is to our blog nor how to access it. Who do I talk to about getting access? I can provide more details to whomever needs to know the specifics ...

  2. Let's start with you providing the URL starting with http:// for the exact blog in question please.

  3. debatbpdsociety

  4. Blogs are not owned by companies or organizations. When we register a username account we provide an email address and it become our unique identifier. When we are logged in under that username account every blog we register is registered under it. There is only one blog owner and it is the person who registered the username account and the blog and who is the original Admin of the blog.

    The only way the blog ownership can be changed is for that person to transfer the blog to another username account by using this process >

  5. debatbpdsociety

    Thanks for your help. We'll also want to change the name to

  6. P.S. There is no "www" in the URL. The correct URL is

  7. debatbpdsociety

    The problem is that the original owner has passed away so we don't have access to their account. Can we have everything transferred over to another blog?

  8. Please visit click "Need More Help?" and provide any details you can.

  9. debatbpdsociety

    Thanks macmanx but we don't even know the username for the blog!

  10. What is the username of the person who responded to the comments on the blog?

  11. It's ok, just click "Need More Help" and fill in the blog's URL and whatever info you have.

  12. debatbpdsociety

    Elizabeth Bogod

  13. Please don't post anything more here. This is a public forum and every thread is indexed by Google.

  14. If you have any trouble filling out the "Need More Help" form to contact our account recovery team, let us know.

  15. debatbpdsociety

    Hi maxmanx: When I follow your lost password link it doesn't display a "Need More Help" button. I can see one in the instructions, but there isn't one on the real password reset screen.

  16. Hm, I'm sorry about that!

    I'll send an email to the address on your account. Once received, let's continue via email.

  17. debatbpdsociety

    Super, thanks MacManx!

  18. I think you need to be logged out to see the Need More Help option. I was looking for the link a few days ago to help someone and spent a long time getting the link- not the most friendly system - someone that is logged in should be able to request More Help -

  19. Here is the link: [removed]

  20. auxclass, we've actually closed it for the moment. The direct link still works, but if you could refrain from posting it, we'd really appreciate it.

    We'll handle account recovery issues directly for now, just modlook like the old days.

    someone that is logged in should be able to request More Help

    Typically, someone who's logged in won't need more help logging in. ;)

  21. Ok - just trying to be helpful

    but we have many people that have a second account or blog that they are having trouble with and such, so if the form ever comes back I renew the recommendation that the form be usable by someone that is logged in - maybe a note as is done now if I visit a Private Blog that I don't have access to - there is a note that I can't get there from here, I am logged in as xxxxx please log out and use a different name

  22. just trying to be helpful

    Of course, I understand and appreciate it.

    Another problem with the direct link was the amount of folks who bypassed the self-reset form and could have reset their own passwords. It was something crazy like 40% of the daily recovery requests. We'd just send them back to reset their own and it would work perfectly for them. Not too difficult, but it did take time away from the folks who really did need help.

    I'm sure we'll have something beter soon, but for now we'll just do it manually like the old days.

  23. It was something crazy like 40% of the daily recovery requests.

    I guess I should not be surprised, and maybe wonder why so low, given the simple requests that show up in the forum because someone can't be bothered to spend literally one minute in the support documents using their own key words for the search string.

    take care & have a nice week - just finishing writing some new documentation for a WordPress.ORG site so we can have people list boating safety classes

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